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We have developed and brought to market PROP GLOP, Outboard Motor Mount, Executive hood, Large Executive Hood, Deluxe Hood, a Ladder Hatch Cover for the popular 34' mainship trawler, and the Marine Electrical Switch Plate

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We put Prop Glop on one of our client’s boats and he went to the Bahamas and back and still has no barnacle growth, my client loves the product. I would recommend our dive service, and Prop Glop to anyone.
— Barnacle Brothers Dive Service
Looks good and I had to add a few pieces to get it aligned.
— Bob
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I am interested in a simple way to dehumidify my boat without the hastle of cleaning the boats intake filter. I can also close the a/c systems through hull fitting when at the dock for added security. The 8,000 btu a/c unit ,we bought, cools my salon very nicely. I used clamps inside the boat to secure the hood so I didn’t have to put any holes in the deck. The hatch opens inside the hood so I didn’t have to do anything to my hatch. The hood works well and looks great too.
— Dan
Thanks for the PROP GLOP PROPELLER ANTIFOULANT you sent me, it’s amazing! I sailed to Panama where I applied it to my running gear. My gear is clear and clean and I’ve been bouncing around the marina for months. I just dove in with a mask and fins. Within 15 minutes, the job was done. I might have to use it again once I get home, but that’s way better than having to scrape those razor sharp barnacles off. Also, the Deluxe Hood I installed in my stern cabin is a godsend. I did have to trim it a little shorter to get a good fit, but it works fine. Thanks again.
— Gary
At the request of one of my clients, I used your PROP GLOP on her 34’ Katy Krogan. As a hired diver, this product allows me to spend more of my time on necessary underwater inspections than on scraping away weeks and months of sea sludge. It was easy to put on and I can throw it into my tacklebox when I’m done. In and out, good stuff.
— Oscar
Propeller antifouling has never been easier than Prop Glop from I used prop glop propeller barnical antifoulant on the boats that I service and it substantially reduces the barnicle scraping needed. Most propellers need antifouling before they are hauled and I apply this underwater at the docks. Antifouling paint cannot be applied underwater. This is not a substitute for antifouling paint but it is a great temporary fix until my customers can haul their boats.
— C.J.
After using Prop Glop, as a propeller antifoulant ,while the boat was still in the water I am prepared to say that Prop Glop has been shown to be an effective barnicle repellent of significant value when conscientiously applied to running gear. A barnicle repellent applied under water is a great new option to reduce barnicle build up in-between haul outs. My boat sits in the marina for weeks between uses and this product works. Barnicles just don’t stick. It adds another layer of general protection ,as well propeller protection. Thank you!
— Glenn